Channel 4 ‘Range’ promo motion graphics template
A bespoke multi-content promo template as part of Channel 4’s extensive new-look social media toolkit.

Channel 4 trail created with the Range Promo graphics template

By modifying the existing multi-content endboards, we evolved the design and functionality in After Effects to incorporate a host of new features. The template showcases Channel 4’s vast collection of content by taking you from one show to the next and back to the beginning again in a single fluid journey.

A first of a kind for Channel 4, an entire promo can now be created within a single Motion Graphics Template (MOGRT) directly in Premiere Pro.
Each ‘tile’ within the grid is customisable with a choice of video, imagery, or C4’s bespoke gradient worlds in a range of colours allowing for endless combinations. Text elements are also fully editable with automated features enabling directors to simply type and go, ensuring text remains on-brand without the need to consult style guides.

After Effects Essential Graphics panel

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