Channel 4 'The Human Test' TV ad
If robots had feelings, should they be granted human rights? Just one of the questions to appear in ‘The Human Test’, our award-winning TV ad designed and animated for 4Creative to promote season 3 of Humans on Channel 4. The campaign won a D&AD Wood Pencil in the Digital Direct Response category.
A first of a kind for the Channel, the test uses voice assistant technology in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to determine whether you’re human or synth. Viewers could initiate the test while watching the ad live and a branded microsite allowed users to take the test online. We also created modified versions of the ad for social media.

The ad was designed to look and feel like a public information film but with a slightly sinister feel. We wanted to catch people off guard and make them question what they were watching. Simple icons, crude animation and a muted colour palette give it a rudimentary governmental feel. We also designed the NSDU logo, a mysterious government department that created the test to ‘Detect & Protect’ citizens against the rise of the Synths.

The film made Campaign’s ad of the day and has received widespread attention from press and viewers alike.
Channel 4's NSDU microsite

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