Channel 4 'Derry Girls, Biscuit Tin' social films
A set of 4 stop motion films in a Smash Hits magazine style accompanying Channel 4’s extensive campaign for the final series of Derry Girls.
‘Oh no! Not the biscuit tin!’ we hear you cry - or so did the 90s pop celebrities pitted against the notorious Smash Hits questionnaire pulled from the magazines biscuit tin.

The new campaign looks to Derry during the 90s and Channel 4 have produced a 28-page version of Smash Hits including features such as the Biscuit Tin interview. To accompany the magazine we’ve re-created four of the dastardly tins questions, unfolded before Claire and Michelle from Derry Girls in this tactile and textured set of TikTok films.

Film 1

Film 2

Concept: 4creative
Design & motion graphics: Pete&Tom
Music: Cavendish Music

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