DMGT corporate video
DMGT are an international group of market-leading digital, information, media and events businesses. As part of their forward thinking strategy they wanted to produce a bold and innovative video outlining the key strengths that have attributed to their huge success over the years.

Consisting entirely of 2D and 3D motion graphics, the video provides an alternative look to that of most corporate comms, eschewing the standard talking heads and spreadsheet graphics in favour of a more visceral and engaging approach.
With an initial concept created by Salterbaxter, Pete&Tom were brought on board to bring their designs to life developing the animation and narrative through a number of stages. Working closely with the agency and main client through every step of production the project progressed smoothly and met the exacting standards required.

As ever the music was a hugely important component. It had to reflect the multifaceted nature of a global digital media business that has a modern outlook but is also steeped in history. Working with long-time collaborators The Sound Works a bespoke track was developed alongside the animation with a rich bed of sound effects to aid the highly detailed visuals.

Once the animation was complete, Pete&Tom then supplied hi-res print elements for use in various launch materials.

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