Channel 4 'Viewer Promise' video guide
A fun and informative video for Channel 4 explaining how viewers personal data is used when they sign up through All 4.
Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get excited about Data Privacy and GDPR. So, when Channel 4 asked us to pitch ideas for a video explaining their Privacy Policy, we decided to make something you’d actually want to watch.

Voiced by Simon Bird from The Inbetweeners, the video features fun and familiar everyday objects and punchy graphics to help explain some rather complicated things in simple terms. We developed the ideas with 4creative and made detailed storyboards mapping out each section for the shoot. We then set off on a props hunt grabbing everything from Rubik’s cubes, toy soldiers and model cars to cup cakes, Barbie dolls and bondage whips

Design, direction and animation: Pete&Tom
Creative Director: Landy Slattery
Producer: Josef Bryne
Music and additional post production: Envy
Filmed at The Bloomsbury Film Studio

Special thanks to all our excellent hand models and Marley the Chihuahua!

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