E4 'Go Guilt Free' social media toolkit
Working alongside 4creative, we built a bespoke social media toolkit to accompany the launch of Go Guilt Free – a new season of binge-worthy boxsets and brand new reality shows on E4.

Promo example using assets created in the toolkit.

Built in After Effects, the toolkit allows directors to create branded promos directly in Premiere Pro by combining motion graphics with clip-based edits via the Essential Graphics panel. The toolkit forms part of a branded campaign across on-air, social and outdoor media.
At the heart of the brand is a bespoke animated font with a range of customised features.
Our first challenge was to create the font and build it into a toolkit that could be edited in Premiere Pro using Essential Graphics. This included the ability to control kerning, leading, individual characters, colours and animation.

We then created a range of text animations with editable pre-sets that can be controlled through the same Essential Graphics interface.
Alongside the text, we also built a menu system featuring a bank of animated icons, designed by 4creative that can be selected and edited through Essential Graphics.
Big subs & endboards
Most of the existing E4 toolkit assets had to be modified to accommodate the new text and other brand elements. We also added various other functions to give editors more control and simplify the workflow in Premiere.
Outdoor media

Animated mockups for reactive outdoor media.

​​​​​​​Design: 4creative
Production: Pete&Tom

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