TG4 identity
Sting, endboard, movie bumper and menu animations
A bold new look and refreshed schedule for TG4, Ireland's immensely popular and much loved Irish speaking TV channel. At the heart of the brand is the channel's philosophy of 'Súil Eile' or 'another view' which informed every aspect of the rebrand. Far from conforming to the norm the channel has long since nurtured a reputation for breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries of what television can offer.
The project was lead by fellow London-based designers Rudd Studio in conjunction with TG4 Creative Director Seán Cathal Ó Coileáin. Together we explored and redesigned most areas of the brand across on-air, print and digital. Aspects of the existing TG4 logo were adjusted and improved whilst type foundry Fontsmith created a brand new typeface featuring characteristics of traditional Irish fonts that's both modern and steeped in heritage.
Promo endboard, sting, channel menu, bespoke TG4 typeface, presenter background and St. Patrick's Day sting
The On-air branding focuses on a fantastical, enigmatic world within the cube, enriched with intricate textures and subtle symbolism as it tumbles into position completing the TG4 logo. Text information throughout the brand sits centrally within the boundaries of the logo panels creating a strong and confident identity, an aspect shared by all elements.
TG4 poster lockup

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