4Music identity
To mark the arrival of Channel 4’s daring new 4Music channel, we were asked to create a striking new identity and a comprehensive set of branded elements for use both on and off-air.

Having worked on a number of previous branding projects within the Channel 4 family, finding a new numeral 4 for the logo that hadn't been touched upon before was always going to be a challenge. On top of this the brand had to have plenty of attitude and a healthy disregard for convention. We hit upon the idea of a three dimensional neon pink logo that’s unashamedly in your face and forever changing shape.
Sting animations and endboard
Having developed the animation in-house we then turned to 3D animator Oscar Gonzales who took it to another level, turning the logo into a series of beautifully intricate shapes that moved in perfect harmony to the music.
On-air deliverables included idents, bumpers, menus, endboards and in-programme graphics. Acting as brand guardians we then oversaw it’s implementation across launch promos, season specials, press releases, print and festival signage.
Frames from the 4Music launch promo, '4Music First' identity indicating exclusive content, channel menu, in-programme graphic interface, endboard and '4Music Freshers' season bumper
V Festival branded stage scrims

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