NatWest & Royal Bank of Scotland 'ISAs: Savings Made Simple' animated guides
Continuing our collaboration with production company Green Rock, we designed and created a pair of animated videos for NatWest and RBS to help explain the ins and outs of Cash ISAs.

NatWest 'ISAs' guide

Based around the line ‘savings made simple’, we set about thinking of ways to explain Cash ISAs in a simple and effective way using illustrations and graphics that derive from the branding of both banks. It was important that the videos were visually distinctive from one another, yet felt as if they had come from the same family. To achieve this we applied a similar narrative and illustrative theme through both videos but styled each very differently.
Taking the existing brand assets as a starting point, we designed a suite of additional graphic elements to illustrate the subjects covered in the script. The artwork was then brought to life using a combination of 2D and 3D animation and edited into a seamless sequence for each video.

RBS 'ISAs' guide

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