Patek Philippe: Authorized Biography book trailer
An animated book trailer for world-renowned watchmakers Patek Philippe to mark the launch of their new authorized biography. Presenting the definitive history of a remarkable and unique company, the book contains over 600 images and illustrations including original photography of some of the finest mechanical watches ever made.
Working closely with global content and communications company, Bookmark, we were asked to create an animated trailer to bring this immensely detailed and visually stunning publication to life. Featuring a mix of 2D and 3D animation, the viewer is taken on a journey through this fascinating and complex craft, condensing over 175 years of history into a 2 minute film.

During the early stages of development we sat down with the client and mapped out the structure of the video, deciding what the main focal points would be and how we would make them jump off the page. Having built the book in 3D we then animated key artwork, photography and drawings from the book and seamlessly integrated these amongst the page content.
Patek Philippe homepage with trailer

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