Channel 4 Snowmail promo
Snowmail, a unique insight on the big news stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox. To promote the newly revamped service, Channel 4 asked us to come up with a way to visualise the idea of the news being compressed into a smaller bite-size package.
We started by thinking of ways we could incorporate this theme into the actual Snowmail icon itself and came up with the idea of literally folding down the website into the shape of the envelope ready to be emailed.
The first challenge was to figure out a way of creating an interesting and dynamic folding action that would take us through each section of the website whilst keeping the content and composition of each scene intact. We also wanted the website itself and the folding mechanism to feel believable so we experimented with a number of paper models first before building everything in 3D. Each member of the news team was then filmed against green screen and comped into the website. Finally their voices were overlapped and mixed in audio to create a continuous thread linking each scene.

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