Discovery History identity
Discovery's new home for history gets a brand new look. Having won the pitch on the strength of our logo design we set out to develop the rest of the brand in collaboration with Discovery's in-house creative team creating everything including channel idents, bumpers and other on-air elements.
The theme of revealing the past came to us fairly early on and informed the idea of the 'peel' device featured in the logo design. We then developed this to see how it would work across other aspects of the brand creating a series of test animations using graphics and stock footage exploring the many avenues this idea offered.
The final animation and compositing was created at Smoke & Mirrors using a combination of 3D and Smoke with music and sound design created by Jungle.
In case you wondered the Discovery History brand launched over a year before the recent DC Comics logo was introduced.
Discovery History icon
Discovery History logo
Brooklyn Bridge ident frame
St Paul's Cathedral ident frame
Frames from Red Square ident, promo endboard, car production line ident, steam engine ident, image containment icon.
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