E4 'Darren' animated gifs
Darren’s back! After making headlines in May when he shut down E4 in an attempt to get people off the sofa and out voting, Darren reprises his role as the E4 infiltrator but this time through a series of animated gifs on social media.

Conceived by 4Creative and shot by Jim Hayton, we edited and keyed the shot footage. We then designed and packaged each of the clips to create a series of animated gifs that would appear on E4’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Originally intended to congratulate E Sting competition winners as and when they were announced, the gifs also provided a novel way of offering humorous commentary and immediate reactions to entertainment news and events. We also created a set of Halloween specials featuring some customised spooky E4 branding and a number of Monday Motivation versions.
Darren EStings gifs
Darren Halloween gifs
The winner is announced on the E4 Twitter page
Reaction tweets
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