Dominique Ansel Treehouse restaurant graphics
From the World’s Best Pastry Chef — and the man who brought us the ‘Cronut’ — Dominique Ansel Treehouse is an exciting new restaurant in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.
As part of the restaurant launch, we were asked to create a variety of graphics including concept visuals, large scale window artwork, signage and a mural for a unique interactive ‘puzzle wall’. The designs feature idyllic woodland scenes that evoke a childlike sense of exploration and imagination.
Concept visuals for the external treehouse installation and adjacent ‘infinity arch’ in Conduit Court.
Mock-up of final window artwork.
Artwork for a bespoke 3m wide interactive ‘puzzle wall’.
Additional window artwork for the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Belgravia.

Brand: Dominique Ansel Treehouse
Concept design and treehouse installation: Dickinson & Doris
Marketing Director & Vision: Cheryl Sheppard
Concept visuals, design and artwork: Pete&Tom
Interactive ‘puzzle wall’ designed and created by So Visualise
Restaurant Group: Qoot Co Ltd

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