Beaver Las Vegas titles

Animated sequence 1
Animated sequence 2
Without doubt the best dam title for a programme we’ve ever worked on, Beaver Las Vegas is a documentary for Channel 5 charting how these furry critters can save Sin City from an environmental disaster.
Working with Middlechild Productions, we created a set of playful animations to help explain historical and scientific facts within the show. Featuring a cast of loveable goggle-eyed beavers as they set about saving the day, they are joined by a host of other characters including a band of bearded trappers, a hat-donning gentleman, park warden, cattle farmer and even our very own Beaver Elvis.
Part of the challenge was how to convey an awful lot of information with limited material and budget, so we devised a lo-fi style of photo illustration that afforded us complete freedom with the subject matter and was a little bit bonkers to boot. We also created the title sequence using a suitably beavered-up shot of the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

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