FilmFour rebrand
Pete&Tom acted as brand gurus for FilmFour for a number of years, developing and evolving the graphic style on and off-air. This was our first rebrand for the UK's most iconic film channel.
We began by redesigning the original logo, creating a more compact mark with greater confidence and legibility. We then moved on to developing ideas for the idents and on-air packaging, featuring a rich tapestry of filmic effects and footage from a variety of FilmFour movies.
The channel was split into four designated time zones - 6pm, 8pm, 10pm and 12am with a choice of films tailored for each slot. The branding for each zone needed to reflect this change in tone throughout the night. Beginning warm and mellow at 6 and 8pm it then shifted gear to something more dramatic at 10pm before ending on a characteristically sinister note at midnight.
The idents and packaging elements were designed and assembled by us in After Effects with final compositing and effects applied in post. Amongst many others, deliverables included idents, bumpers, opticals, menus, pointers, endboards and a wide selection of print promotion.
Restyled FilmFour logo
10pm ident frames
8pm ident frames
12am ident frames
8pm optical, 10pm promo endboard, menu, barker strap, Film pointer, 6pm ident, end credit squeeze and promo optical
Promotional poster
Postcard for Cannes Film Festival
FilmFour channel mural
10pm & 12am idents, 8pm & 6pm bumpers and endboard
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