BT Vision Help videos
BT Vision approached Pete&Tom to design and create a comprehensive set of help videos covering a host of features on the BT Vision set-top box. Part of an on-going series, the videos tackle all manner of subjects from downloading films to connecting HDMI cables.

Taking into account the huge amount of content, we wanted to create a mini-brand for the BT Help space that would set it apart from other BT Vision material whilst keeping it part of the same family. To aid this we created a characteristic new 'Help' logo, a set of icon designs and a bespoke 3D environment within which everything is housed. Created in Cinema 4D, the environment was the result of various experiments with space, textures and lighting to create a look and feel that was both unique and sympathetic to the BT Vision brand values. The content was then created and animated in After Effects before a final grade was applied.
Help video title page examples.
Video frames and graphic functions.
Video icon set (based on BT icons).
BT Help video - How do I connect my BT Vision+ Box using HDMI?
BT Help video - Is Freeview HD available on BT Vision?
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