4oD promo packaging
4oD wanted a striking new system for their on-air promo packaging that would reinforce the mobile nature of the platform and distinguish it from other Channel 4 content. To crack this we created a design that frames each promo from beginning to end inside a variety of graphic screens and mobile devices. From smart phones and tablets to TVs and consoles the tessellated screens provide a distinctive visual shorthand for the 4oD brand throughout.
From our initial scamps we first developed the designs of each device, looking at ways of incorporating these into the promos so that the content and information remained as legible as possible. We then got things moving exploring a range of animations to link each of the sections into a continuous sequence.
Given the huge spread of content available on 4oD the packaging needed to be versatile enough to handle anything you could throw at it - from Grand Designs to Youngers and everything in between. It was also important the packaging didn’t swamp the personality of each show. To tackle this we created a flexible and fully editable kit of parts allowing directors complete control over each promo.
Deliverables included promo openers, animated screen templates, endboards and boxset specials.
Promo opener
Screen templates
Boxset compilation endboard
4oD 'Space' promo
4oD 'Youngers' promo
4oD 'Educating Yorkshire' promo
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